week 19.

Hello love bug~ You are 19 weeks and some change! Your doctors appointment this week was incredible, we got to get a video of you moving around in there and it is just beyond precious! I possibly just watched it 4+ times in a row. How He Loves Us was playing in the background once, Nugs we pray that you know Christ crazy loves you always. You are two days ahead and growing strong, your organs all looked great and your bones are measuring just right :) You refused to wake up during the sonogram (even after I had a coke) - just like your daddy! You did give us a few stretched when the technician shook my belly and a big 'ole yawn but that was about it! Hopefully that is a sign of what is to come- we would totally be okay with you taking after dad in the sleep department when you join us in January! We are enjoying every moment with you until then too! 

Your Size: A Mango (6 inches- a half a foot!!!).
Your Wight:8 1/2 ounces. 
Scripture from Daddy:Matthew 19:14 "Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these."
7Your Movements:You have started to give a little more "punch" in your flutters and they are more frequent but I am still convinced it is not a legit kick yet! Soccer not your thing? I will start preparing Dad that if you are indeed a boy playing for ManU may not be in your future ;)
Mommy's Cravings:Sweets (yes, still!)& occasionally all things Salty.   
Best Moment:Watching you move in your sonogram. Most incredible thing we have ever seen. We have the video and may watch it numerous times a day!
Worst Moment:A really rough couple of nights of sleep... this whole sleeping with a bump thing takes some practice! 
Mommy Misses:Sleeping on my tummy & back. Well, really, sleeping in general.Guess this is practice thought, right Nugs?
Daddy Misses:Nothing =)
Mommy Cant Wait:Until Daddy gets to feel you move too! He puts his hands on my tummy every night to try and it is just going to be so fun for him once he can feel you wiggle around in there.  
Daddy Cant Wait:Holding you ever single day come January!
Your Milestones:Your brain is starting to have different areas designated for each sense. So neat! Your brain was INCREDIBLE to see on Tuesday, like a top moment in our life. 
Other News:We continue to narrow down options for your precious name! We are also about to start working on your nursery, whoop whoop! Love you little one. 

Lord, thank you for the gift of today and the gift of this pregnancy. We stand in awe of you yet again. Thank you for the provisions in our lives and the truth of your sovereignty. We pray we remember our job as parents is not only to love nugget like crazy but more than that it is to direct him/her to you and what you did for us on the cross. That they would be raised in a home that praises your name in the good and the bad. That he/she would know in all of those moments that our love for him/her is nothing in comparison to yours, for yours Father is perfect. Thank you that you are who you say you are yesterday, today and tomorrow. You promises are more than comfort, they are everything. Thank you for grace in the tougher times. You are enough Father in all ways. We praise your name for all the above. 

We love you Nugget, 



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